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Friday, November 25th, 2005

Subject:Pop Tidbits
Time:1:53 am.
The Turkey Drop

Turkey Drop - This happens when a dating couple try the long-distance relationship thing when they go off to university or college in September. Typically, when Thanksgiving rolls around and everyone goes home for the holiday, someone gets dumped. Hence the turkey drop.

Example: "I hope Bob and I make it past the turkey..."

I was excited to find this as the showcase definition on Urban Dictionary dot com today. It is Thanksgiving. It makes me look at the routine of everyday life for our generation, and how little has changed in the last few years. When I was in college, I called the Turkey Drop the November Rule, a simple observation from anyone of any college experience that those high school sweethearts start falling by the wayside sometime, typically before November 1st.

If left unattended, the November 1st rule would typically apply...and then, upon going home for Thanksgiving break, depending on the level of security of the dumpee and dumper, there may be a slight reunion, coupled with trump card quality emotional rows.

Trump card quality you ask? I'm talking, that desperate recently-realized-ex, who even though you just hooked up with him (either gender could apply), have little intention of staying with him, probably because you have a newer more interesting romantic future awaiting you at school, and if nothing else, have a more comfortable vision of your next four years than you did in late August, and with such security, you now see realistically that your recently declared ex is not a part of it. Sorry bro. What if you had just gone to the same college as her??? No.

The trump cards are the emotional arsenal artillery he fires at you, because he knows he's losing (actually, lost) you, and is doing anything humanly possible to prove to himself that he still has emotional control over you. See, in his mind, even though he can't make you happy anymore like he used to, he can still make you feel awful, and can make you cry, and can somehow clearly explain that this rupture between you is your fault. Once he makes you cry, he can then try and make you happy again...which he may do, but will blow up again when he realizes that he's still dumped, and you are still going to hook up with that sophomore you are txt-ing over the entire break, as soon as you get back ot the dorm. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and you'll probably be dating said sophomore by X-mas break.

It's like a rite of passage for parties of this generation.

But I like the term Turkey Drop. It is a November Rule, and I think we've all seen it all too often. 1st Semester, Freshmen Year: Emotional buffer for your next four years. Start it out with a bang, or you'll regret having lost time before you graduate. Who likes being alone? Freshmen year not working for you? Still can't find friends to sit with in the dining hall come Spring? November rule need not apply.

Academic Summer Camp

Maybe we should realize that sending 18 year old American kids off to live essentially on their own at academic summer camp, isn't as statistically brilliant as we think. There's so much pressure on high school kids to immediately go to college upon graduating...these routines, routines, routines...like Turkey Dumps themselves... I don't know. I loved college...I did it in two parts. First, academic summer camp. Second, I learned as much as I could from brilliant people on how to avoid thinking like a robot, and how to keep learning efficiently for the rest of my life.

In retrospect, I could have done the summer camp thing much cheaper by just living in the real world for a few years, and I wouldn't be $50 thousand in the student loan hole. But hey, someone is getting rich off it. Can you buy stock in colleges?

Early Alphabet Names

This for all my teacher friends out there. Is it just me, or are all the younger girls out there named Ashlee, Ashleigh, Ashley, Amy, Alisson, Alissa, Andrea, Anna, Amber, Amanda, Alexis, Abby ... did I mention Ashlie? I don't dislike any of these names, but I do prefer a little more diversity.

I have a theory. Obviously most people don't read anymore, but reading does occasionally play a functional role in anyone's life. One of them can be seen at this website. I think people lose their attention span when they realize how many names there are in the world, and just give up early in the alphabet.

Please ... parents to be ... get an attention span, and at least get past K ... or just use your damn family names. Grandma Wilma will LOVE you for it forever. Esther not cool enough for you?? Well wait till you're in the grave and everyone is scoffing at Amber. "You mean like the alerts? Weird."

Sex Toys & Local Economies

My overnight producer informed me that Wal Mart will be providing sex toys for sale. This might not sound like a big deal, but I thought about the local economic impact on towns and cities. I don't have exact statistics, but I would guess that 95% of vibrator and other sexual pleasure devices are sold from locally owned shops (XXX Sex Palace, Adult Video and News, Video Paradise, Lusty Life, Adult Show-World, etc.), NOT at Sears, Radio Shack, Target, and least of all, Wal Mart.

I know it isn't everything, but certainly in some alternative manner, those local kinky sex shops are supporting our local economy better than just filtering it through Wal Mart's juggernaut super-economy.

Now I realize that the local level sex industry took a huge hit with the advent of the internet ... and some of the old standby stores and xxx movie houses had to close, or at least consolidate locations (Recall Pee Wee Herman and the sweet, sweet irony of his PR extravaganza). But longevity has proved itself for local sex retailers through the dot-com boom, and things have seemed to remain ok for them. In fact, with the internet, porn and sex toys in America have become less taboo.

Maybe it has to do with all that state-mantated abstinence education in the schools ... self love is better than AIDS. Crank one to a mag, vibrators are great ... but don't fuck your friends. Regardless, local sex economies have been surviving, and giving back to the community through taxes and pleasurable commodities ... UNTIL NOW!!!

Is it possible that creepy-ass sex shops are the last vestiges of the mom and pop store of American history? Ladies, the day is coming when you won't have to navigate that seedy neighborhood to find your "little helper".

I think that a certain Ritchie (R is the 18th letter of the alphabet btw) Cunningham's pop, Tom Bosley's hardware store probably didn't make it to 2005 like Chachi's Porn Palace did. Bosley went on to sell us geriatric shit and crappy music compilations on paid tv advertisements. Anyway, at some point, there was a sexual revolution, and the ladies, pending decent technology started partaking in toy culture. I'm just glad that local economies have thrived from it up to now.

So I'd like to personally condemn Wal Mart sales of sex toys. Tell me, Wal Mart...how much is enough?
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Monday, October 24th, 2005

Subject:Imagine This
Time:4:54 am.
Does anybody know where the popular origin of the term, Asshat comes from? My friend Brian keeps using it at work to describe people, and it makes me laugh every time I hear it.

I mean, I suppose it could just be a coincidental portmanteau word created on the spot by Brian, but my friend Corinne also used it in her blog within a short span of time. They both say they have no idea where they got the term from, but I do know that Brian loves it all the same, C. centered her blog entry around the word, and I laugh at it every time I hear someone say it - singing it enhances its comical flavor.

So, with the assistance of mass communication and the internet, I would like to request help from anyone who uses the term, or has heard the term and can help trace the etymology of it. I've provided an emoticon to the left in order to memetically embed it in your brain. Icons are essential from a semiotic perspective. Asshat would make a great band name, album name - the icon on the left could make a stellar album cover!

The icon I have provided is indeed iconic because it looks like a dunce cap on top of a big butt - on their side of course. I like the idea of the hat being an angled-open-bracket too, because I use them all the time for HTML tags. If you try and type angled brackets into your LJ entries, most web browsers absorb them, and they become invisible. I just used 4 angled brackets in the last sentence.

Was it in any movies? Was it in any TV shows? Music? Books? News? Your buddy?

When I was a kid, my dad got pissed because someone broke into our car the night before and stole a bunch of shit from the glove compartment - not gloves though. My dad was angry and called this thief an asswipe as he was fuming in the living room over the fiasco. I thought this was the funniest thing I has ever heard at the time, and shared it with the kids at school. They thought it was kina funny, but thought me calling people magma-brains was funnier - this following a science class lesson on volcanoes. I was 12.

Here's a cool definition off urban dictionary dot com:

5. Asshat
The tattoo at the base of the spine and the top of the ass crack thus forming an asshat.

Example: That chicks asshat is hot.
asshat, ass topper, buttcrack tattoo, buttcrack, ass

Even if we find no popular origin of the term, I hope to enable it's publication into the current pop-lexicon. Many of my English professors in college looked at etymology as a waste of time. In a way it is.

It shouldn't matter where words come from, however, ignoring etymology is like ignoring the history of the world: You can do it, but it isn't a good idea.

Maybe this whole blog post is just nar nar. (See last blog entry response)
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Monday, October 17th, 2005

Subject:Funhouse Mirror
Time:4:24 am.
Mood: indescribable.
"If there was anything I'd learned, it's that the man never chooses the woman. All he can do is give her an opportunity to choose him."

"One of the reasons I became a writer is that, unlike starting a band, directing movies, or acting in a theatrical production, you can do it alone. Your success and failure depend entirely on yourself. I've never trusted collaborations, because most people in this world are not closers. They don't finish what they start, they don't live what they dream; they sabotage their own progress because they're afraid they won't find what they seek."

"Most people don't listen, because they are afraid of what they might hear."

"...everyone's favorite subject is themselves."

"He possessed two traits I'd noticed in nearly every rock star I'd ever interviewed: a crazy, driven gleam in his eyes and an absolute inability to do anything for himself."

-Neil Strauss

This guy is good. Real good. I think I just quoted Wayne's World there. Ryan? Anyway, I think the above quotes are dead-on to describe the contemporary man. The modern man is so screwed up by popular culture, paternal neglect and moral ambiguity, that all these above observations are just astute diagnosis of his symptoms. Boys will be boys.

Ladies, am I wrong? You having a hard time with boys? Look no further. Neil Strauss is considered by many to be a expert on women, but if you ask me, from everything he writes, I think his real expertise is men. He masters seduction NOT because he figured out women ... Freud tried that too and fell short ... all women are unique and different with similarities.

Strauss mastered the identity of men. In doing so, he stumbled upon identifying himself, and subsequently mastered seduction.

Women are like individually unique funhouse mirrors that men have to try and use to legibly write their own names on their shirts. This manifests itself in women's distorted image of themselves. What do you get when a mirror looks in a mirror? Feedback, hall of mirror effect, visual chaos and optical entropy. Distort one of those mirrors, and what does the hall of mirrors look like now?

The trade off? Men are idiots. We are. We suck at identifying ourselves, and we are metaphorically challenged in comparison to women. That's a shame. There is a simple solution though.
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Thursday, October 13th, 2005

Subject:This is a good game...
Time:1:06 am.
Mood: recumbent.

At the recommendation of Ken Huss, Googling "Tomas needs" yielded the following:

1. Tomas needs to redeem him, as a proof of God’s efficacy.
2. Tomas needs to improve his footwork and defensive pressure on the ball.
3. Tomas needs to know whether it is possible to push the piano from the eastern to the western side of the forest (without rotation).
4. Tomas needs some family care, that’s all.
5. Tomas needs a fast start to stand a chance.
6. Tomas needs some help down on James street, he says theres an outage.
7. Tomas needs to improve his reputation to make a good deal and asks Seraphina to help him by marrying him.
8. Tomas needs to stick with BOTAR personally.

Let me offer a quick anf fun description of the individual contexts for each of these starting with the last and working back up. These sites can be explored by clicking the affiliated picture on the map to the left.

8. This is a punk/ska/experimental classical music acoustic side project called B.O.T.A.R (Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution). Wikipedia pointed me to their album, which is free for download here. I'm listening to it now, and I really like it. Tomas Kalnoky does vocals, guitar and is a predominant songwriter for the band. To the right here is a picture of him. Tomas was the co-founder of the band Catch-22, named after one of his favorite books, and claimed at some point that his favorite album is the Stand By Me soundtrack. Tomas is currently busy at work with his current band, Streetlight Manifesto, which plans on releasing their next album in 2006.

But check this out...this is how fresh this info is -- 11 DAYS AGO, the band's trailer was robbed while on tour, and all of their instruments were stolen. They estimate about $80 grand in equipment is gone, and it is reported that they have admitted the possibilty of having to to all go out and work real jobs to purchase replacements. From one Tomas to another...I'm sorry, bro.

7. Seraphina is the title character in an erotic e-book by the title, Some Rough Edge Smoothin'. This is some saucy urban stuff about a widow of one year who wants to start a music school in the ghetto. She meets up with a local thug named Tomas, who tries to discourage her from building her school there, and before you know it, this little white girl is getting railed (in some interesting places according to the review) by a mysterious Latino man. Love is discovered in the darkest of places.

Some Rough Edge Smoothin' is reviewed to have the following sexual content:
Sex toys, anal sex, light bondage, masturbation.
My favorite description on the review page is the following:
"...sometimes sex is all a man and a woman really have in common, and sometimes that's more than enough..."

Dude...I'd read it. Grab it off the infinitely cool, Amazon.com, and support independant publishing.

6. The Tomas on James street is some guy in an anecdote off Ubersite.com who smashed a car on the job because he was trying to drive like Magnum PI. This is a short and funny story. Take a second and click Tom Sellek's face on the left and read it. The author of it is clearly an angry, yet amusing man.

I recommend checking out Ubersite in general. I like the description of what exactly they are off their About Page:
"Ubersite capitalizes on random, chaotic, unpredictable, flexible, bizarre human behavior to generate a website that is, in fact, better than your website."

5. This is a good one. Tomas Klimes was the loser in the quarterfinals at a Magic The Gathering tournament at Palamalaguti basketball stadium on the outskirts of Bologna, Italy. I'm glad the arena found some decent venues in the basketball off-season over there in Italia -- you gotta pay the rent somehow. On the left, playing his Magic the Gathering ASS OFF, is indeed a picture of Tomas Klimes. He lost to David Brucker, who went on to lose the finals to Olivier Ruel (Pictured to the right). Better luck next time, Tomas. If I knew thing-one about Magic the Gathering, I'd train you till your fingers bleed in this year's off-season so you can destroy Brucker and Ruel next year.

4. The family life one is, I believe, Dragon Ball Z fan fiction. I could be wrong, because I don't watch it. But this line is from the 14th chapter of one of these fan fiction pieces. Apparently Tomas, even though he is 19, is adopted by the 19 year old female protagonist.

I read this chapter, and thought I know I'm missing some larger details about the overall universe -- for example, the protagonist, I believe her name is Vegita, though I'm not sure who anybody is because there are few dialogue tags or consistent grammar. I mean no disrespect to the author, I guarantee it would make more sense if I had started reading it from chapter One. Yout know...the chapters are short...I'm going to go do that now. BRB....

Ok, I had to stop with chapter one, because I know nothing about DBZ. But I did learn that the protagonist is not Vegita, it is Trunks. I have included a picture of Trunks on the right.

3. Tomas just had his piano tuned at one end of the forest, and needs to get it back to his burrow on the other side. The obstacles are trees and rivers. Write a computer program to solve this problem given coordinates. You cannot rotate the piano, because it will stretch the freshly tunes strings. This is apparently a homework exercise for a computer programming class. I brings me back to my first year at Oswego programming little things like this in my introductory CS classes.

The only thing I can't figure out in this problem is what Tomas is? Is he a rabbit, a hobbit, a mole, a badger? He wants to get his piano back to his burrow. Regardless, this is the second Tomas in this game that turned out to be a musician.

2. The Tomas in reference to improving footwork and defensive pressure on the ball, is a Croatian basketball player named Marko Tomas. He was considered in the NBA draft, because he was apparently a basketball superstar back in Eastern Europe. Coincidence #2. I wonder if he ever played at the Palamalaguti basketball stadium in the greater Bologna, Italy area. Small world. To see just how small a world it is, you can take a look at Google World and explore the Bologna region. A picture of the stadium is on the right.

1. This one is kick ass cool. Tomas is Tomas Ericsson in a stage remake of Ingmar Bergman's 1963 film, Nattvardsgästerna (Winter Light). In this, Tomas is a pastor holding sermon for his small congregation, spewing his own inadequate relationship with God. Winter Light is the second film in a Bergman trilogy addressing man's relationship with God. In the Portland stage production, "Marta hides behind awkward glasses, bohemian scarves and skirt, mincing smiles: these, like her teasings and sarcasm, mask an overwhelming dedication to Tomas, cold fish that he is." Fascinating.
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Saturday, October 1st, 2005

Time:6:54 am.
Mood: ecstatic.
i matched my first beats spinning vinyl at an after hours party tonight.
as expected, it was truly a high, that only dominating life could provide.
dj tomas. it happened.
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Friday, September 30th, 2005

Time:7:30 pm.

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Thursday, September 8th, 2005

Time:4:22 am.
Television is far more fun and interesting to make, than it is to watch.

You wanna be worth anything more than you are from this day forward, stop watching tv. If you don't, then don't.

If you feel like your self esteem is at an all time low, that's because it is. See above advice.

If you feel like no one listens to you, or no one cares a shit about what you have to say, you are right. Stop watching tv, and you may set yourself objectively apart from the non-listeners, and in turn learn why they aren't listening.

If your grandmother is alive, call her, ask her what her she was thinking when she was your age. Your grandfather is also acceptable for this.

If you feel like love is the answer, you are only half right.

If you don't believe in God, you need a damn good reason why.

If you are liberal, make sure you act more than talk.

If you are conservative, let change happen to others.

If your natural inclination is to disagree with everything you hear anyone say, then go write the next great American novel. If it turns out to be not so great, you'll know you were wrong. If you can't find a publisher, then you were never that serious in the first place, and are probably crippled by fear of rejection in your life. Solution? Get a hug from mom. No mom? Find a substitute.

If you don't know yourself first, you know nothing.

If you don't love yourself first, you aren't really in love.

Cockiness isn't loving yourself, it's the illusion of popularity.

The closet is a lonely place. If coming out loses other's love for you, they didn't really love you. This is just a case of logic over denial.

Identify yourself.

If you steal other people's wisdom, you have an infantile advantage over the rest of the ignorant world that has it figured out already.

Money isn't everything, but good culture these days starts at $100 a month.

Real artists are invisible. Real art is invisible.

Sark is retired.

Opportunity knocks, always. You won't be ready to answer the door. Then it never knocks again. Do something about that.

Try to hate something you learn more and more about, and be fearful if you are successful.

Women don't want meatheads, they want attention. Men want it more, but women are just better at getting it.

Men are idiots. Plain and simple.

Women are smarter than men. No man is willing to acknowledge this, and if he does, he is either lying or quoting this. The man who realizes that women are smarter than men, has a chance.

Marriage in your 20s is a myth. It is prom for big kids. If you both believe in the same God, you may stand a chance. If your church is Survivor, sign a pre-nup.

Next time you feel more comfortable interacting with a machine rather than a human, recognize this as a problem and do something about it.

Think of something you think is really really really unique, and Google it.

Just because you watch HBO doesn't make you above other tv addicts.

Statistics are not wisdom.

Rome was bigger and older than the United States. Adamant belief toppled it.

I love America. Most Americans annoy me.

Things happening in 3s, is creepy for a reason.

Read. Read anything. If you stop there, then you don't get it.

Advertising is the dying art we love to hate. PR is not.

Love is not in a bar. Sex is not in a bar. Friendship is not in a bar. Cheers was fiction. The bar only wants your wallet, and so did Cheers.

Learn bigger words, and then don't use them.

Everywhere sucks.

Give up using the fuck word this year. It shows personal progress.

The 90s are not a formula for success.

Sex feels good. Do it with someone who knows your middle name, and with whom you know what their parent's names are. Otherwise, your low self esteem dictates your shitty life.

Take phone numbers out of your cell phone that you haven't used in two months. Put them on paper, and put them in a book you haven't read yet.

Stop being a verbal pessimist, it's annoying to listen to.

Your sub-conscious is identical to millions. That makes you unoriginal. If you can't come to terms with this, then that proves my point.

If reading this makes you annoyed, skeptical, cynical, then I'm not failing.

Fortune really does favor the brave.

If you are still reading this, I temporarily cured ADD. If you just skipped over a lot of this, and came to this particular passage because you saw 6 bold capital letters spelling ADD twice, then acknowledge that i may understand you.

Prank call someone you work with that may smile at it.

If you are afraid of death, you aren't doing life right. If that sounds silly or is frightening to you, then you are still a child.

You didn't hear that band first.
You didn't see that movie first.
You didn't come up with that.
You aren't the only person who is unhappy.

Happiness comes from only one place..........
From the inside out.

The external world will not solve your problems.

Every great thinker in the history of the world had a close relationship with God. Even Neitzsche, otherwise he wouldn't have declared His death - a rather acute observation for a non-believer.

Learn to meditate. There's more ways of doing it than you have seen on tv.

I have more to say, and i didn' steal these quotes. If you think they are lame, that proves I pay attention. If you like them, that makes me smile :) If you are indifferent, than that's actually not so bad either. At least you read thoroughly.
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Tuesday, August 30th, 2005

Time:1:52 am.
Mood: exhausted.

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Tuesday, July 5th, 2005

Subject:Raison d'etre pour Ryan Kemp
Time:6:30 am.
Mood: amused.

Raison d'etre pour Ryan Kemp.

This picture is best viewed to the song I am listening to. Upon it's discovery, this pic made me think immediately of Ryan...the same fellow who played beach volleyball naked at sunrise in Jamaica, against a box of corn flakes, and lost....oh, and this happened after fucking a mermaid in the ocean.

bad idea...but living fast.

Above photo found randomly off Webshots.com
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Sunday, June 12th, 2005

Subject:Sexy Girls
Time:2:50 pm.
Brianne & Jaime.

The sexiest two girlfriends I have ;)

Photo taken circa Jan '05 @ Ashley's pad
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Saturday, June 4th, 2005

Time:5:37 am.
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Wednesday, June 1st, 2005

Subject:net art
Time:3:39 pm.

This is a very cool piece of net art by John Klima.
go to site
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Subject:*Techno on the Brain
Time:4:08 am.
Mood: mellow.
I have techno fresh on the brain. My friend and co-worker, Tim, brought in a Tiesto Live DVD, which, with a little extra time at work tonight, we popped in, in Sub Control. We watched and listened to this DVD, completely entranced. The best part of the whole experience was the mind blowing effect it had on another co-worker, our friend Steve. Steve has been a technical director at the station since 1968...but unlike most older people I know, Steve completely embraces new things. He embraces new technology, new music...I cruise through various catalogs he has next to the switcher that are like Sharper Image on amphetamines. Catalogs selling gadgets and toys that make Sony sweat. He drives a Scion, and looks like he belongs behind the wheel.

He's not what Chuck Klosterman calls, "The Aging Hipster" ... yes these guys are everywhere ... from what I've seen, common causes of the aging hipster are burning out, growing old in spirit, cynicism, being childish rather than childlike, or having kids and losing touch with yourself as a result.

Steve never did any of these things, and I watched this man become utterly absorbed by this Tiesto mix tonight. I watched him transcend human age tonight. It was remarkable how he took on a calmness that is something like how you feel just before falling asleep, but are still in control of all your thoughts. Steve tonight, was a model and proof of the mindset I want to be in when I too reach my 60s: he seems to be at peace. Steve sat there, and let the show absorb him (we have pretty sharp Sony monitors and old, but solid speakers in Sub Control)...it was wistful and meditative to a complex beat. in short: It looked & sounded absolutely tits!

The DVD finished and Steve turned to us and said,
"I think if I ever went to one of these live shows, I would never be the same. Something within me would change forever."

And we could tell, even just watching that DVD, seeing over a million people in one venue, surrounding this DJ spewing music that in all fairness probably directly alters the alpha waves in our brains - Steve was changed. Steve listens to techno, and has listened to it for years on mix CDs supplied by Tim, DI, and over Sirius too on Dish Network...but I think that he saw tonight, a movement of energy unlike anything he expected. A live international DJ set.

I don't know...maybe it had something to do with the fact that Steve is entering the last part of his life. Just seeing at DJ culture like that, with such a mind altering sound, with such masses of youth, reminded him that such experiences may not belong to him...something unlike anything he has seen in his whole life. Personally, I say, bullshit. Fuck age. I want Tim and I to take Steve to a live international DJ show and get high on the sound.

The list below is mostly for Tim, who is a trance DJ himself. I gave him another list, but I just found this one, of tracks that I have heard that blew my mind that I purposely jotted down, or took a note of in my digital recorder to see if I could later acquire them. They're mostly white labels I've come across in the last 2 years on either webcasts or on Sirius. I've found it difficult to track any of these down since I am not a DJ. Tim agrees with me that Trance may have peaked in the late 90s...'98, '99 with such trance compliations from Paul Oakenfold like Tranceport, and the rise of Sasha, Digweed, Tiesto and the lot to absolute superstardom.

I think that techno is the soccer of music genres. It's the biggest thing in the world, outside America.

Sasha can fill a stadium in Holland, Oakenfold a soccer arena in Portugal...I mean, this is ONE guy on a stage, playing with technology, essentially just a heightened scenario of the radio dj, playing tracks he never even created. But he manipulates them, sequences them in a playlist, and can engineer their output as far as sound goes, in a live fashion. One guy. (Though Orbital was two) I found a cool little coffee table book called 100 DJs, which was just a compilation of 100 international DJs on 100 individual pages, with a corresponding photo and a quote (ranging from one word, to a couple of paragraphs).

Anyway, most of this list below is from when Sirius had a 24 hour trance stream called The Vortex. But they canned that in favor of mixing trance with progressive house and drum and bass....which is cool, but not the same. The Vortex was straight up 24 hours a day of trance. Closest thing out there I've heard is Digitally Imported's internet streams...which KICKS ASS....BUT, the cool thing about The Vortex was that it wasn't mixes...Sirius devotes another stream to DJ mixes, called Remix. No, The Vortex was precisely what DJs listen to...individual white label tracks, one after another. It was like going to a DJ supply wax shop, and previewing vinyl after vinyl looking for that one track that will blow your crowd's collective mind. Now take all those hot tracks, and play them one after another like a regular radio station (without commercials)...I was in heaven.

They still have Saturday night Trance Till Dawn on Sirius 63, Trance from midnight to 6am, which is essentially what the Vortex WAS 24 hours a day, 7 days a week...and I suppose once a week is better than nothing.

Most Americans just don't get the DJ thing. It's funny. People who don't like or understand techno make claims like, "Well, he isn't even playing his own music? You mean, someone else created those songs, and he just plays them?" Well, sort of...I'm not going to go into the technical proficiency a DJ needs, in time with a sharp ear to create what they do...you wanna know how hard a DJs job is, ask one.

But I will address the issue of the DJ getting famous from pieces of music that aren't their own.

Is DJ Tiesto sort of a deified hipster, playing the ultimate mix tape for a girl? Is the larger than life international techno DJ, just a giant version of Nick Hornby's Rob Gordon (AKA John Cusack from High Fidelity...kick ass)?? I mean, the DJ gets up there, and plays a set of other people's songs sequentially, and gets all the glory - even though dozens of others were responsible for the composition, engineering, and distribution of said music.

Well...the same could be said about film directors. How many people work on a single film? Watch the credits...maybe the caterer doesn't count, but surely the hair and makeup people do...lighting grips, photographers, assistant photogs, focus pullers, editors, script supervisors, that guy who takes the Polaroids to make sure the star's outfit still matches the previous scene that was shot a week ago, etc. In the end though, Kevin Smith was brilliant. Tarantino was brilliant. Well, yes, I'm not arguing that these people aren't brilliant, BUT, they didn't do it alone, and yet they get most of the credit.

This is such an American phenomenon

...like some pop star is so incredible...a recording artist, Mariah Carey, Britney, any country superstar...other practically unknown people write their songs, but they get all the credit for glamorous karaoke. Hey...why not Tiesto?

So why is it so hard to understand the superstardom of the DJ? I don't think that was a question for Steve tonight.

Di Carlo – The Race
Donkey Rollers – Motherfuck (dj zany RMX)
The Matrix - Protect The Innocent (DJ Spoke vs. Vespa 63 remix)
Taucher – Winterlove
WISC – Delusions
Lustral – Broker
Miranda – Vamos a la Playa (subside emo remix)
Riot Bros – Guyver Unit
DJ Session One featuring Franky – Can You Hear Me?
Rusch & Murray – Epic (Above and Beyond Remix)
Asura – Totem
Complexz – Fade In
Malixx – Echoes of Lyra (farlight mix)
Phillipe Rochard – Sphere
Yoda – Definitely
Zero 7 – If You Can’t Say No
Lacuna Coil – Heaven’s a Lie
Jacob & Mendez – Moondust (Airbase Remake)
Adam White f. Martin Grech - Ballerina

Completely Unrelated Quote About Artsy Women
“She makes herself up to look like a corpse, she expresses a kind of wounded amazement, even over a tomato pizza, saying, "look at the colors." - But it’s not to be believed.

'Come along, let’s welcome in the Springtime together.' (she says)

She’s the classic bitch who plays at being eccentric, anguished, and also wants to be daddy’s little darling."
-Richard Schickel

I jotted this down on the same sheet I kept this above list of techno tracks on. There, psychoanalyze that!! ;)
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Tuesday, May 24th, 2005

Time:7:48 pm.
They say we all have a double out there. I think this is my twin separated at birth. Adele sent me a link to this fellow who is hosting her website. The picture to the left IS NOT ME! That is this other guy...the resemblance blows my mind. I have to find out this guy's genealogy. His site is here: Scott Burns Website

As Kemp pointed out to me, "I think you even have that suit...but where'd you get that bike?" Seriously, if I just grow out my hair a little more, and get some smaller specs...

In other news, my second hard drive, the one i keep all my media on, shit out on me last night. This up set me, since I spent all night transferring resume video I've done at the station. I mean, i still have it all on minidv tapes, but losing the DV transfer was a huge waste of my time.

In even other news, President George W. Bush came to Rochester today. He spoke about Social Security Reform at a local high school, and one of my old professors from Nazareth College got arrested for protesting. From what I could tell, we had the best coverage of the event in town on the ole channel 8.
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Monday, May 16th, 2005

Subject:Bathroom Graffiti Hypertext
Time:7:21 pm.
Mood:curious george.
bathroom graffiti hyperlinks
click various restroom "tags" to discover internet correlations

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Subject:I Agree
Time:4:13 am.
If you could count how many times you click (I AGREE) when surfing websites, installing software, and completing the various "forms" this virtual world has to offer, how many do you think you could count in the last year alone?

I mean, we all hit (I AGREE) because we just want the end desired product as fast as possible, as conveniently as possible, as confidentially as possible, and we tend to forgo the accompanied TERMS OF AGREEMENT, because...lets face it...who wants to read all that horseshit?? In fact, the idea that a TERMS OF AGREEMENT exists, has as a whole, become a completely overlooked and underestimated symbol for security, has it not?

(sarcasm) I mean, if an internet company can afford a lawyer to type all that legal lingo up, and in fact if they even NEED all that legal mumbo jumbo, they have in fact encountered legal problems in the past...right??? And I mean, a BIG EXPENSIVE internet corporation, which now has all your vital information, given that they have that expansive and extensive TOS, have probably encountered a lawsuit or ten in the past - and are thus just covering their ass from YOU suing them. The TOS is protecting them from "THE OTHER" evil guy, and just a FORMALITY to allow you to be the pleasant exception from bullshit in smooth capitalism.

Ever looked closely at your TOS?? If you have ever watched South Park, you are probably "clever" enough to have just answered the lie to yourself in your own head, Yes, I Have!!!!. But have you really? You may even be pissed reading this and be saying, "YES YES YES, Tomas, I have read my TOS on many different occasions. I mean...maybe not all of it...but some of it."

Honestly, I'm with you. I actually read all of the TOS I pulled this following excerpt form...really i did...and I think this excerpt says something about the society we live in:

1. This insurance does not apply to loss or damage caused directly or indirectly
b y a n y o f t h e f o l l o w i n g :
a. Governmental Authority
Seizure or destruction of property by order of governmental authority.
b. Nuclear Hazard
Nuclear reaction or radiation, or radioactive contamination, however caused. If physical loss or damage by fire ensues, we will pay only for such ensuing loss or damage.
c. War
(1) War, including undeclared or civil war;
(2) Warlike action by a military force; or
(3) Insurrection, rebellion, revolution, usurped power or action taken by governmental authority in hindering or defending against any of these.
Such loss or damage is excluded regardless of any other cause or event that contributes concurrently or in any sequence to the loss or damage.
2. This insurance does not apply to loss or damage caused by or resulting from any of the following:
a. Delay, Loss of Use
Delay, loss of use, loss of service, loss of market, or any other consequential loss or damage, including, but not limited to, loss of time, loss of profits, inconvenience or delay in repairing or replacing lost or damaged Covered Property.
b. Dishonest, Intentional, or Criminal Acts
Dishonest, intentional or criminal acts by an insured or by any person entrusted with Covered Property, whether acting alone or in collusion with others, with respect to his or her coverage under this insurance
c. Obsolescence
Obsolescence or depreciation.
d. Wear, Deterioration, Latent Defect
(1) Wear and tear, deterioration; or
(2) Hidden or latent defect, including equipment design defect, or any quality in the property that causes it to damage or destroy itself.
e. Electrical and Mechanical Breakdown
Mechanical breakdown and disturbance caused by battery power or any artificially generated electrical current.
f. Programming, Repair Work
Programming, cleaning, adjusting, repairing, modifying, or performing any other work upon Covered Property.
g. Virus
Computer virus or any other malicious code or similar instruction that:
(1) Disrupts the normal operation of the Covered Property; or
(2) Results in destruction of or unsuitability of data or programs stored in the Covered Property.
h. Voluntary Parting
Voluntarily parting with Covered Property by an insured or by any person entrusted with Covered Property, whether or not induced to do so by any fraudulent scheme, trick, device or false pretense.

WOW!!! War? Nuclear war? Nuclear accident? Civil war? Search and seizure? Guess my cell phone company is really covering their ass!

Now...I'm not trying to make a political statement about war and democracy...I think we live in the coolest country on earth. I think I am capable of more here in America than anywhere else in the world, and YES, any foreigners may see that as a narrow minded statement........

But given all of this...um...isn't it a little hypocritical that we are at war in a foreign country in the name of "freedom" and "democracy" when in the end, we are simply going to congratulate all of them with a giant TERMS OF SERVICE??

Citizens of Iraq:
( ) Agree to Terms of Service
( ) Disagree to Terms of Service
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Friday, May 13th, 2005

Subject:New Stuff...
Time:2:44 am.
Mood: tired.
"Woody Allen made it acceptable for beautiful women to sleep with nerdy, bespectacled goofballs; all we need to do is fabricate the illusion of intellectual humor, and we somehow have a chance."

-Chuck Klosterman Senior Writer for SPIN Magazine

Well...if that doesn't sum up my sex life since 1997, I'll eat my own shit. I think I need to hang out with this Chuck fellow if the opportunity every presents itself. Chuck, if you ever Google yourself and find this blog entry, e-mail me: in f o @ t o m a s h o f f man . co m. (typing skewed to avoid spambots...I'm sure you can squeeze it together) Good times.

Chuck further goes on to point out that this Woody Allen phenomenon, which I have been successfully been cashing in all these years, is precisely an example of what he refers to as media devolution.

"It creates an archetype that eventually dwarfs it's origin. By now, the 'Woody Allen Personality Type' has far greater cultural importance than the man himself." I agree...and though I don't consider myself the BIGGEST Woody fan in the world, I have seen most of his movies and even own some of his stand-up on vinyl, and I DO AGREE that the man is an utter genius. Annie Hall cracks the hell out of me every time...and even though his newer stuff gets a bad rap, I think flicks like Deconstructing Harry and Celebrity say shit about this new era of PR that may take years for most people to respect.

But Chuck is again right. Personality traits of mine that I have sucessfully used on women to attain their attraction, are essentially just a copy of a copy of a copy. It's Baudrillard's simulacrum, all over again. Somewhere along the line in my adolescent development, I recognized that humor makes people like you. As a dork, I was always able to counter insult with wit. Even further back, I made the class bully in 1st grade my best friend after I punched him in the nose and told him a joke. We hung out through 6th grade. But my awareness of such wit dynamics were certainly a result of things I had observed on television growing up. Be it Saturday morning cartoons or syndicated afternoon programming, from Jokey Smurf, to Jack Tripper, or any afternoon HBO Patrick Dempsey flick, I learned that some wit mixed with a prat fall & a spit take works!

The irony of all of this is that Chuck Klosterman's book was recommended to my current girlfriend & myself by my ex-girlfriend! Perhaps she read this Woody Allen factor and felt duped. Though she claimed to be recommending it in honor of the chapter about Luke Skywalker being the ultimate Gen Xer (and Winona Ryder in Reality Bites being the ultimate Luke Skywalker). Couldn't argue with that chapter either. He too seems to hate Ewoks as well.

So that said, my goal is to attend the Cannes Film Festival next year. Would have been kick ass this year, because opening day at Cannes was my birthday, May 11. B-day was quiet but fun. Jaime and I went out for a pricey dinner...in retrospect though, I should have gotten the steak. Woody Allen has a new one there called Match Point. I think my recently former housemate, Geoff, went and saw it but didn't recommend it. That's the star, Scarlett Johansson on the right here.

I think the piece that intrigues me the most is Jim Jarmusch's new one, Broken Flowers. Jarmusch's work has in recent times blown my mind, and I doubt that his lead role as played by THE Bill Murray will disappoint. Lord knows his "climactic" improv scene in Coffee and Cigarettes was mind blowingly good. I also want to see the second in Lars Von Trier's newest trilogy, Manderlay, which plays with the idea of slavery still existing in 1930s America. If anyone is into fucked up twists of endings in films, I would recommend you immediately rent his first in this new trilogy, Dogville. Regardless, after watching such, you'll probably want to see this new one too.

Dogville was overlooked last year at Cannes to Gus Van Sant's Elephant, which in all fairness is damn good. It's a Columbine tale that plays with non-linear structure...and I think that such editing and shooting devices combined with such a potently recent American issue, overshadowed Von Trier's own foreign perspective on 1930s Steinbeck-esque Americana. And once again, Van Sant's new one, Last Days, looks TOO DAMN GOOD once again, being a Kurt Cobain type piece. The main character, Blake, is a rock star recluse...just take a look at this sample piece of dialogue, I think it says it all:

Have you uh, talked to your daughter? Hmm.

Hmm. Yeah I've been talking to her on the phone.

What do you say to her?

Hmm-mm. I do the voices she likes. I don't know. I tell her I miss her.

Do you say, "I'm sorry, that I'm a Rock and Roll cliche?"
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Wednesday, May 4th, 2005

Subject:Orbital - Belfast/Wasted
Time:5:29 pm.
This entry is for me. I doubt anyone would find this as interesting as I do, and I have no problem with this - but if you do read it, let me know what you think of this stuff :)


What if you could wander around all the time with your very own film score? Dick Clark calls music, "The Soundtrack of Our Lives," and according to Michael Moore anyway, this seems to sell hamburgers.

Ryan and I traveled to L.A. in March with others, and one group member was all obsessed with his new IPod. IPods are cool...but is it necessary to listen to it all the time? Maybe. I mean, 4 gigabytes of music is a fucking lot, and would take at least a week of 24 hour listening to get through. Maybe a reader of this can do the math, averaging 1 song at about 3 MBs and 3 minutes (about 1MB/min). Regardless, I don't feel like doing the math right now.

So is music the soundtrack of our lives? I would say: YES!

To best explain this, I'll use song lyrics. My favorite musical artists of all time are the Hartnoll brothers, Paul and Phil out of England. They produce music under the name, Orbital. Even if you've never heard of them, you've heard their music, most likely in films. My favorite film appearance of their tunes is in a flick called, Shopping starring a young Jude Law. You might remember their music from The Saint with Val Kilmer, or Hackers with a young Angeline Jolie - a grossly guilty pleasure that Ryan makes fun of me for because it's so dated. I still like watching it, and the soundtrack is kick ass.
Orbital - Belfast/Wasted
Vocals By: Grant Fulton

You were brought up like a boy,
But now you think your life's a film,
With this love, for yourself,
Ticking to its timeless soundtrack.

You point the finger as you carry the flag,
I don't pay attention,
Do you like the dust we breathe,
Do you recommend yourself to my gentle senses.

I feel wasted.
I feel wasted.
I feel wasted.
I feel wasted.

You tell me what we feel,
You tell me what we lose.
Here's the cool part. This version of the song is their own later remix of their original song, which is a sample of an old Celtic song from the 12th century. Belfast is off their first self-titled album. Belfast/Wasted is a remix with a male singer they used to sing lyrics over their other (very popular) song, The Box (Part 4)*.

I love this stuff! The idea of sampling, sampling, sampling...one of the Hartnoll brothers traveled to the US in the 80s to study hip-hop, arguably the biggest "thieves" of sound-bytes. He came back, and they sampled everything to create a new sound. Techno. Need I drop the "postmodernism" bomb? They unabashedly create beautiful music out of a fragmented mimetic history of the world. There's nothing new...but there really is! I love that technology plays a huge part in this for Orbital.

I found this in a search for it all:

"Stephen R. Saucier" wrote:

The lyrics in Belfast are writen by Abbess Hildegaard of Bingen, in the 12th century. The version sampled for Belfast is the first 17 seconds of a song O Euchari, which was from the album "A Feather On the Breath of God" I have the album, and I have the track as an mp3 if anyone wants it.


Steve is of course not referring to the lyrics I listed above...rather if you listen to Belfast, those lyrics above are sung in English OVER a bed of the original Belfast track Orbital produced in the early 90s. In that track, is a woman with a beautiful voice singing in Celtic. Here's a translation of those lyrics:

O Euchari In leta via

The sun's warmth trickled into you
Like the fragrance of balm.
The sun's warmth trickled into me
Like the fragrance of balm.
All moving things breathe steadily
Sweeping across the ground
The sun's warmth trickled into you
Like the fragrance of balm.

O Euchari In leta via

Your hands reach out for me
In the heat of our longing.
My hands reach out for you
In the heat of our longing.
All moving things breathe heavily
Sweeping across the ground.
Your hands reach out for me
In the heat of our longing.

O Euchari In leta via

So here's the fun part...if you read the Celtic lyrics, you notice that the song is a binary exchange of "vows" of sorts. The singer (a woman in Belfast singing in Celtic) is speaking to someone - a lover? In Wasted, a man is singing the lyrics above. The title of the remix is Belfast/Wasted, a binary: Simply put, it's a duet!

This modern man, singing a rather chiding love ballad seems to condemn a selfish man, "brought up like a boy," thinking his life is a film, loving himself, living in simulation. I suspect that the man singing is speaking to himself, which would make sense since he has this, "Love for himself."

The 12th Century woman (written by Hildegard of Bingen - read her fascinating bio at this great website) in love and the confused modern man are singing with each other, and neither speaks the other's language. This seems to me an accurate analysis of contemporary love. There exists these old world ideas of what love and spirituality is and should be. 12th Century is a long time ago. Hildegard was a woman in a time when women didn't write much...but she wrote. She saw visions (they believe today that these were a result of migraines) and wrote of thing with Papal approval, like love and even sex. Much of her writing deals with female sexuality, and even describes a female orgasm. I think a closer look at the lyrics used in Belfast might reveal sexual undertones - pretty intense for a Catholic nun in the 12th century! Things like heat and fragrance - hot stuff! Furthermore, a woman leading a life of celibacy, married to God essentially, might mirror a man in love with himself quite naturally. She wants sex (we're only human), but sublimates it into spirituality and dilligent writing of theology, poetry and music.

Hildegard was a woman in isolation, connected to the world spiritually (Belfast) / Moderm man is connected to the world communicatively, but isolated spiritually (Wasted). I think the closest thing we're ever going to come to getting these two together is in song.

But we live in a world where all of us walk around to our own timeless soundtracks. I think the language or at least the translation of love is just different now from the 12th century. It's far easier to love yourself in an age and country where generations are educated that masturbation and abstinence are best, diseases are out there. It's far easier to love yourself in an era where pregnancy is treated more like a burden to be displayed on movies of the week, where girls raise a child too young while they watch their friends have fun going to college. It's far easier to love yourself when the old world existence of marriage is breaking down to a depressing statistic.

I'd like to further point out the gender neutrality in this duet. The modern man loves himself, or does he love another man, or is he just talking to another man outside sexual desire. O Euchari (etymology perhaps "eucharist") is likewise gender neutral, but clearly addresses love - "In the heat of our longing." In Catholicism, the scarement of the Eucharist:

(etymology: "sacrament of the Lord's Supper, the Communion," c.1350, from Gk. eukharistia "thanksgiving, gratitude," later "the Lord's Supper," from eukharistos "grateful," from eu- "well" + stem of kharizesthai "show favor," from kharis "favor, grace," from PIE base *gher- "to like, want" (see horatory). Eukharisteo is the usual verb for "thank" in the Septuagint and N.T.) Courtesy of: Etymonline, my favorite online etymology dictionary.

Regardless, different languages, different genders, same genders, others, selves, all singing alongside one another in the context of electronica. This is of some further importance - that this beautiful song works through musical engineering. Old Celtic music and the song of modern man aren't just thrown together. They are engineered rhythmically in virtual space.

Is this to say that modern beauty can only exist if engineered? At this point in my life, I'd say yes. I believe in method behind all madness this day and age. Spontaneity is cool, and to a degree "random" and chaotic, lending itself to the phenomenon of entropy - however, there's a fine line between spontaneity and impulsiveness. Impulsive is spontaneity without justification. The justification in the case of Orbital, is synth.

Do you like the dust we breathe? It's a polluted world. Spend some time in any major world class city, and if you open the window of your car in a sea of traffic on, oh, perhaps for the sake if this essay, the M1 Orbital speedway in London, England, you will in fact taste the exhaust of a culture dependent on oil. Yes, the Hartnoll brothers named themselves after precicely this famous European roadway. Furthermore, The Girl With The Sun In Her Head, a track off their album In Sides, was engineerd, and recorded solely on electricity generated from the sun. Yes, they collaborated with the green people, and gained access to a solar generating station to produce music created from a fragmented world, in a genre actually named after electricity itself: electronica. Incidentally, The Girl With The Sun In Her Head was a girl named Sally Harding, a photographer of theirs and others, who died in her 20s. Sally Tribute Here On Orbital's Official Site. *

I don't think the M1 is all that different from the BQE in NYC, or the 405 in Los Angeles...they're all noisy, smelly and slow. More importantly, at any given peak hour, on these roads you are isolated in a sea of thousands or human beings. We all sit in partially air tight, partially sound proof, glass and metal rolling containment chambers. You are surrounded by thousands upon thousands of people, sharing at least part of your destination route - but you communicate with next to none of them. Even with a cell phone and that cool hands free headset, you have no human contact. This is modern man. Hildegard probably had a different experience along the Rhine, living in an abbey that may have even had a straw roof. But she had visions of God. I have a 2003 Dodge Neon with a satellite radio (Sirius, not XM). Despite different societies, and despite nearly a 1000 years of history, innovation and philosophy between us, I guarantee the two of us have both orgasmed in our lives.

Orbital, as a partnership between brothers parted ways in 2004. They are persung their own projects, though I see no barrier between them and a reunion down the road. It was a 15 year journey. Two dynamic and liberal cats like themselves might note the end of Orbital in reference to something like a world class highway, as symbolic that an oil dependent world needs to end as well in order to propogate independence.

So I see Orbital's Belfast/Wasted as a love duet, of new love singing alongside old love between lonely people. Is it a bleak tune? No. If anything, the final product is beautiful music, which if you ask any psychologist the definition of love, aside from the biochemical attributes, they might just tell you that the best definition lies in poetry. Orbital's amalgamation of different era's music, sampling different bytes in time, places, movements in music, art, film, television: Those Hartnoll brothers are telling us that amongst all this confusion, all the pieces which we love so much can fight entropy and create beauty. If this wasn't true, no one would write in their livejournal, spewing their lives, their lies, their trauma, their loneliness, excitement, knowledge, experience, fears, and conscious thoughts to...yes, another machine. To you bloggers, LJ is your synth. Writing down whatever you want is your own struggle against chaos. You're laying down your thoughts in a world of order: language.

But that's life. That's your life. LifeJournal. And interestingly enough, most LiveJournal clients have music sensing mechanisms. Here's your next math assignment: What percentage of blog entries are written to music? I would suspect high 90th percentile.

So what's the point??

Are we supposed to study 12th Century Celtic music to better understand ourselves? Are we expected to study our asses off to understand and recollect every piece of culture throughout history? Are we supposed to learn from our elders? I don't know. But in the context of this essay, I would say the point lies somewhere around creating peace and order in the conflict between the music of our pasts and the music of our present.

I would recommend that if you think your life's a film, pick a soundtrack that enhances your subconscious, and good luck at Cannes*.


*The Box (Part 4) lyrics (sung by the same modern man in Belfast/Wasted)

Shared his neighbors with a building,
Knows addresses of by heart,
Draws a picture of his future,
Keeps the paper close at hand.

Packs his tongue into a suitcase,
Suffers terror on the train,
And he wants to start some movements,
'Cause he's indestructible...

duet sung together

And you know they'll never find us,
And they'll leave us alone,
And if we just keep on talking,
Then we'll still make it home.

There's commotion in promotion,
Now they've done good every war,
Sell our pictures to a paper,
Now that everyone must know.

Trading satellites for substance,
Let spectators pay their way,
We'll invade the trevi fountain,
Now that everyone must pay.

Mama and babies mothers tragedy,
Babies mothers tragedy,
Babies mothers tragedy,
Terrifies the kill.


*On Orbital's Official Website, under the FAQ section, the question submitted asking who exactly the girl with the sun in her head is, was submitted by none other than the now very famous Anthony Wilson, of 24 Hour Party People fame.


*The Cannes Film Festival shares my birthday - May 11.
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Monday, May 2nd, 2005

Time:4:26 am.
Mood:no mood.
When I was 10 years old, I dreamt of someday having a telephone that i could use anywhere. I dreamt I could have a "computer" that could fit in a briefcase. I dreamt I could have a video camera that was small, and used audio cassettes for media, this way I would visually document my memories for a cheap price, and would feel more real than photographs. I dreamt I could have an underground techie hideout where I could look up just about any piece of information I wanted on my big screen monitor, while getting served beverages by Johnny 5.

But now I am nearly 27, my childhood dreams are amalgamating with the commonplace, and I took pictures of a bathroom with poop in the bowl*. Then I ate pizza and hung out with people who forgot how to listen.

* (actual poop not shown).
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Subject:kill your tv
Time:3:38 am.
Mood: sleepy.
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